Atrus Overview

Atrus understands the challenges faced by 911 dispatchers in linking sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims, operational AEDs and AED users.

Atrus was founded by experts in information technology and public access defibrillation to close a huge gap in the public safety net – reducing response time so AEDs can be accessed and used to save more lives. Atrus helps save lives by enabling 911 dispatchers to have expanded visibility into the location of community-based AEDs at, and in close proximity to, SCA victims.

AED deployment is growing rapidly within public settings such as airports, health clubs, schools, office buildings, and other places of employment and leisure. Deployment is not enough, however, to ensure that AED programs will work effectively to save lives. Knowing the locations of AEDs is vital. Atrus bridges the key links in the chain of survival.

Our mantra: An AED doesn't do anyone any good if no one knows where it is in the time of need.