National AED Registry™ 
Atrus'™ National AED Registry™ is the first and only national database resource specifically designed to help improve sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival rates by rapidly linking automated external defibrillators (AEDs), AED users and SCA victims.  The National AED Registry is an important tool that helps place 911 dispatch agencies at the forefront of community-based AED programs and makes it easy for organizations with AEDs to comply with state and local AED notification and registration requirements.

The National AED Registry Fills Critical Information and Communications Gaps

When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, bystanders immediately call 911. However, 911 dispatchers generally lack information about the presence of AEDs at, and nearby, an SCA victim’s location. When combined with Atrus’ AED Link™ system, the National AED Registry™ fills the critical information gap by advising 911 dispatchers of the location of nearby registered AEDs.

The National AED Registry ( is a robust data repository containing information about the presence and location of registered publicly accessible AEDs. The information from the National AED Registry is used by Atrus’ AED Link system to generate and transmit a real-time map showing 911 dispatchers the locations of registered AEDs at and nearby SCA victims.  This information can be used to verbally direct the caller to ask a secondary bystander to a nearby registered AED.

The Registry is also used as the official AED Registry for the State of Maryland (, State of Minnesota (, the District of Columbia ( and Orange County, FL ( 

Benefits of the National AED Registry for 911 Dispatch Agencies Subscribing to the AED Link System

 - Effectively use AED notification and registration data required by most states and many localities, helping to meet community expectations regarding dispatcher knowledge about the location of AEDs
 - Position your 911 dispatch agency at the forefront of community-based AED response systems
 - Showcase your dispatch agency’s ability to directly increase SCA survival rates in the community
 - Quickly provide 911 callers with information about the location of nearby registered AEDs
 - Promote your dispatch agency’s role in saving lives with tools supplied in the Atrus National AED Registry Media Kit

National AED Registry Free Benefits for Organizations with AEDs

Organizations registering AEDs get the following free benefits:
 - Online management of AED location and maintenance information
 - AED battery date expiration email reminders
 - AED electrode date expiration email reminders
 - AED and SCA awareness-building materials
 - Ability to participate in the AED Link system, where available

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We can customize the National AED Registry for your community.  Here are three examples:

Minnesota AED Registry

State of Maryland AED Registry 

Orange County (FL) AED Registry 

Register your AED in the National AED Registry by clicking here:

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