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People are dying in buildings where there are AEDs


Drs. play where is the AED at JFK - Two doctors from Long Island are credited with saving the life of a man at Kennedy Airport.

He went into cardiac arrest inside terminal 4 Wednesday night and the doctors came to the rescue, despite some challenges.

"Where are the AEDs? Why isn't it more available to the public? Why can't we find it, why can't we see it?" said Dr. Bruce Decter, a cardiologist.

Link above from WABC - New York

NBC newsman Tim Russert dies with an unused AED by his side.  No one knew where it was until too late.
Source: New York Times; June 20, 2008

John Hopkins scientist dies from heart condition in front of AED.
Source: ABC2/, August 1, 2006

City of San Jose sued over youth hockey player's death in arena equipped with AED.
Source: San Jose Mercury News, March 24, 2005

14 year old boy dies on baseball field with unused AED nearby.
Source: 4, 2006

Man dies while nearby AED goes unused.
Source: DelmarvaNow, May 10, 2004

Student dies because lack of knowledge of AED’s whereabouts keeps it from use.
Source:; Oct. 20, 2005

Unused defibrillator nearby when student died
Source: Houston Chronicle - Oct. 11, 2006

Man dies in front of his children while nearby AEDs remain unused.
Source:; Feb. 3, 2009

San Juan Airport death: A case of what ifs: Wife collapses, husband cries out "Get me an AED!" No one could immediately find a defibrillator.
Source: Chicago Tribune:

Family Files Lawsuit After Student Athlete Dies - Lawsuit Alleges Nearby Defibrillator Wasn't Used.
Source: April 12, 2006

Tragic Defibrillator Flub: 6-year-old collapsed in school, turned white and began losing consciousness. While staff called 911, no one ever touched the defibrillator mounted on the wall in a lobby.
Source: New York Post: December 12, 2005